The 13th Post – An Interview

Christopher Pike is proud to support and encourage new authors. Donald Rees’s new novel “The 13th Post” which was heavily influenced by Pike has just been released as part of the brand new “Amazon Kindle Select” series.

Webmaster: Tell us about “The 13th Post”…

DR: It’s a very unique story. It started with the idea of having  someone’s blog continue updating after their death, speaking from the other side. What I wanted to do was create a story that had a non-supernatural conclusion to very supernatural activity. That was the premise, but it really became much more complex as time went on. It’s very much a thriller mixed  with a coming of age story.

Webmaster: We’ve heard you’re very influenced by Pike.

DR: He’s by far my favorite author and the premise screams Pike. A little bit like “The Eternal Enemy”. A sort of horror take on technology. I consider him to be a master at what he does, especially because his style has changed so much over the years but still retained it’s charm.

Webmaster: This is your first book?

DR: I’ve focused mainly on writing theater. I really enjoy dialogue and story. Writing an actual novel has been a bigger challenge than I expected.

Webmaster: Why?

DR:I’ve found my biggest challenge as a writer has been developing my own voice. I’ve always known the type of stories I wanted to write, in terms of content but to actually figure out my own writing style has taken awhile. It’s too easy to emulate whoever you’re currently reading and whenever I’ve done that, I come up short. One of my earlier books was way too similar in style and content to “The Last Vampire”, it’s embarrassing.  My other challenge was creating a great story with a central gay character. Pike often had great secondary gay characters, but with the recent focus on bullying and suicide I felt inspired to tackle the issue a bit more head on.

Webmaster: What is Kindle Select?

DR: It’s a brand new program Amazon has developed to encourage new and published authors. The publishing industry is changing, much like YouTube has changed the way that people approach becoming celebrities, I think we’re entering a brand new era of writing.

Webmaster: Anything else you’d like to say?

DR: Thank you for this opportunity! I’m still learning, still a new author but I’m very proud of “The 13th Post” and I hope your website visitors will consider purchasing a copy to support this new program. I think they’ll really enjoy the story.

For more information on Donald Rees, visit

To purchase “The 13th Post” for $3,99, click here.


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