A Note – From Christopher Pike”


“Pike here. I finally finished the major edits on Thirst V, although the book still needs fine tuning. I want more out of the ending I suppose, but that’s normal with me. My editor says it is the best Sita book so far. It will be interesting to see what you guys think.

Now, I have been told by Simon & Schuster, I have to work at marketing Witch World. It goes on sale Nov 13th so there is not much time. The stores ordered tons of books but now I have to sell them, which is scary because it’s a new series. With Sita everyone just goes out and buys the latest Thirst book. But I honestly think Witch World is the best book I’ve ever written. I have said this before, of course, but I feel Witch World has more power and emotion than anything I’ve ever created. Certainly, I’ve never worked so hard on a single book. I wrote eight drafts of Witch World!

I’m not used to trying to sell a book. As you all know, I’ve stayed away from all forms of publicity. But since the folks at S&S are working so hard to get Witch World out there, I feel I should help. Besides doing the tour — which I’ll give plenty of details on in another post — I’m considering doing a mass book signing — where people can mail me the book, with a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope (SASE) and I sign it to whoever the person wants me to sign it to, then mail it right back, the same day. I have to run this idea by Simon & Schuster, though, see how they feel about it. But I like the idea. Few of my fans have a signed book — I don’t think I’ve signed any in 20 years. I’ll get back to you very soon about this possibility. I’m not sure how many fans I have on Facebook. Some people say 7000, others say 30000. The same with Goodreads, I don’t know how many fans I have on that site, or how I should reach out to them. I don’t want to spam people. On Goodreads and Facebook I have thought of starting a blog that I could give a lot of attention to for the next few months. That’s another idea under consideration. Ideally I would get my website up and running but I have had to work so hard the last few months, and now time is short. My website might have to wait until after Witch World is out.
Some quick news. Alosha looks like it’s going forward and will start shooting next year and Spooksville is supposed to be on the air by March. Thirst — well, FilmNation wants to TOTALLY change the story so we are having our differences. I’m trying to make it work but at this point I’m not optimistic. I will keep you posted.
I have started a new book called The Players. It’s from a story I wrote right after I graduated high school. It will probably remind some people of The Hunger Games but the idea of having an arena, where a group of people battle to survive, is very old. The Players is tremendous fun to write, which makes me think it will be a blast to read. It’s a rich book, very complex, and will probably take a while to complete. I already have created a hundred pages of notes of background for the story and I almost never need notes. I’ll post the first few chapters when I feel they’re ready.
Once again, when it comes to marketing Witch World, I don’t have much experience and anyone who has ideas that can help…well, I’m all ears. Please let me know your thoughts. Already S&S has received strong reviews on the book — it seems to be creating the “Wow!” factor in readers. These reviews will be posted near the release date, although I see there is already a few online. Witch World will be an ongoing series. I’m already seriously at work on the sequel to the first book.
I’ll be checking in more frequently now that I’m not so buried. Hope everyone is doing well. PIKE”

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  1. Mr. Pike-Create a you tube channel to promote the book. Discuss with your publisher-most independent and big book companies have been looking at authors websites/you tube channels to include on their website. Facebook it, have fans be able to attach it to their facebook, tumblr, twitter and fan sites. I hope you go and do a signing-will be in line:)

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