Witch World (Review) (No Spoilers)

It’s always a challenge to present an unbiased opinion when writing a review of a Christopher Pike novel on a website called http://www.christopherpikefanclub.com. As a fan of everything the author has ever written, we all know it’s very unlikely that I left Witch World disappointed. Image

Witch World is not a radically new style of book for Mr.Pike, particularly for his current generation of books. The Alosha trilogy, Secret Of Ka, and Thirst #3+4 all had similarly large and complex storylines. Each of those books created evil corporations and sophisticated parallel universes. Witch World is no different, though it’s filled with so many twists and turns you might think you’re reading the next chapter in the Thirst series.

Indeed, Jessie may be Pike’s most intriguing character since Sita. Her voice is strong, her mind is complicated.

The action starts within the first few chapters and keeps going until the very last page and the writing style is typical Pike. What’s particularly remarkable with Jessie in Witch World is that she is not as clean-cut as Ali in Alosha or Sara in Ka. Things get messy (in a good way) with unexpected deaths, dirty talk between lovers, and unexpected story turns you won’t find in other books. This is Christopher Pike returning to form, no longer worried about pandering to a new audience.

While I see what’s attractive about creating a series of books, or a trilogy, on a personal level I have to admit that I’m looking forward to a stand-alone book sometime soon. “The Sixth Door” is rumored to be published shortly, and I’m anxious for news on that project. With no end in sight for Alosha (we’ll get it when the movie’s made, how many years away that is) and an open-ending to The Secret Of Ka (with no sequel in the works), it’s hard to start a new Christopher Pike franchise without worrying about closure.

Luckily, Witch World 2 is already being written and a new (possibly final) Thirst book is on the way.

Witch World is a book that every Pike fan will devour. It’s dark, twisted candy. With elements of his previous few releases as well as shades of Whisper Of Death, this is both classic and modern Pike (most fans know what I mean when I distinguish between the two). For new readers, they may be surprised by the edginess and challenged by the complex, fast-moving plot – both are unlike anything out there.

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  1. marci61105 Says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!

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