Witch World First Chapter Excerpt




Once I believed that I wanted nothing more than love. Someone who would care for me more than he cared for himself. A guy who would never betray me, never lie to me, and most of all, never leave me. Yeah, that was what I desired most, what people usually call true love.
I don’t know if that has really changed.
Yet I have to wonder now if I want something else just as badly.
What is it? You must wonder…
Magic. I want my life filled with the mystery of magic.
Silly, huh? Most people would say there’s no such thing.
Then again, most people are not witches.
Not like me.
I discovered what I was when I was eighteen years old, two days after I graduated high school. Before then I was your typical teenager. I got up in the morning, went to school, stared at my ex-boyfriend across the campus courtyard and imagined what it would be like to have him back in my life, went to the local library and sorted books for six hours, went home, watched TV, read a little, lay in bed and thought some more about Jimmy Kelter, then fell asleep and dreamed.
But I feel, somewhere in my dreams, I sensed I was different than other girls my age. Often, it seemed, as I wandered the twilight realms of my unconscious, that I existed in another world, a world like our own, and yet different, too. A place where I had powers my normal everyday self could hardly imagine.
I believe it was these dreams that made me crave that elusive thing that was as great as true love. It’s hard to be sure, I only know that I seldom awakened without feeling a terrible sense of loss. As though my very soul had been chopped into pieces and tossed back into the world. The sensation of being on the “outside” is difficult to describe. All I can say is that, deep inside, a part of me always hurt.
I used to tell myself it was because of Jimmy. He had dumped me, all of a sudden, for no reason. He had broken my heart, dug it out of my chest and squashed it when he said I really like you Jessie, we can still be friends, but I’ve got to go now. I blamed him for the pain. Yet it had been there before I had fallen in love with him, so there had to be another reason why it existed.
Now I know Jimmy was only a part of the equation.
But I get ahead of myself. Let me begin, somewhere near the beginning.



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