An Update From Christopher Pike

Pike recently took the time to answer some popular questions from his fans

This is Pike. Here are a few answers to your questions.
1. Nemi will be published when the Alosha movie is released. I don’t control the publication of the book, Tor does. And unless the movie comes out, they won’t be inspired enough to continue the series. So don’t be upset I didn’t finish the series. I have finished it — the conclusion of the tale is alive and well on my computer hard-drive.
2. More of my books will soon be released as e-books.
3. Cold One II is not impossible, like I once thought, but I have no plans to write it in the near future. But I might later on.

4. My inspiration to write comes from a strong desire to tell stories, to share them with others. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I’m occasionally seized by a powerful idea or image or feeling that I just have to explore. If I dwell on it, a book often appears. Of course, I don’t know where they come from, they seem to have a life of their own.
5. I’m pretty sure I’m not a woman.
6. I’m told the Alosha film is moving forward smoothly. However, I have not spoken to Alcon in some time. At this point, I have no input into the movie.
7. I wrote Season of Passage between 21-22. I had just seen the original Alien movie and wanted to tell a “smart” horror story that took place in space. But by chance, I was already writing the Chaneen section of the book. Her story came first, when I was 20. I wrote The Tachyon Web because Bantam approached me and asked if I would create a YA sci-fi book. It was at the beginning of my career and I needed the money and the exposure. The Starlight Crystal came from a deep feeling of longing, of loss, that’s impossible to explain. All I can say is I felt like Paige at that point in my life.
8. The Bhagavad Gita does not mention Rama or Sita. Their story is told in the Ramayana, a book I highly recommend. I’m fascinated by the Vedas but have no interest in Hinduism per se. The Vedas are ancient, they may have inspired Hinduism but they pre-date it as well. Of course, Hinduism is a very complex and varied religion.
9. I do remember writing Weekend. My title was Sweet Hemlock, the publishers changed it. I had fun with the characters in that novel.
10. I do feel as if the stories I write have already been written, that I just happen to stumble across them somehow.
11. I enjoy writing YA because of the freedom it allows. I find the characters — in that age bracket — are capable of almost anything.
12. I probably should do more publicity but I keep putting it off. For example, I still have to put up my website. Hopefully it will be up this summer. I enjoy having a large audience for my books, but I dislike the whole celebrity thing.
13. I had nothing to do with The City of Angels movie.
14. I did not have to create Sita, she came fully grown. One night, when I was supposed to be writing the sequel to Remember Me, I just started her story and it went from there. I wrote the first book in less than a month.
15. Friends of mine think I’m a bit like Seymour but I’m not so sure. I’m probably the last person who would know.
16. In my spare time I read a lot, watch movies with my girlfriend, some TV. I enjoy hiking the hills that surround Santa Barbara. In the summer, I love to swim in the ocean and bodysurf.
17. I don’t suffer from writer’s block. Once I start writing, I’m fine, the flow always comes, although some days are better than others. However, like most writers, I procrastinate. Without deadlines, I’d never finish a book.
18. I think Monster came from all those damn football players and cheerleaders I knew in high school. Ha! Actually, I ran cross country and track and the cheerleaders never came to our meets. They only went to the football and basketball games. It’s no wonder I made them into monsters.
19. I have no plans to write a sequel to Sati. However, I have been haunted by a book that is very similar to it. I might write it soon.


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