Thirst No 5 – The Sacred Veil (Cover + Pre-order)

The next (and possibly final) Chapter in Sita’s Last Vampire/Thirst story has a release date and is now available for pre-order. Thirst No 5 – The Sacred Veil will be released on March 5th, 2013.

This is what Pike recently had to say about the book.

Regarding the content of this new Vampire adventure, Pike said, “It’s about The Veil of Veronica and Sita and the Nazis.”

Though, he usually knows exactly what story he’s setting out to tell, Pike explains that this Thirst book is an entirely different experience. “Now, while writing Thirst V, I still don’t have the exact ending, but a general idea of how it should finish came to me about a month ago, and the overall concept is exciting. I’m confident the details will come when I reach the end. Once again, though, this is unusual for me, I generally know the beginning, the middle, and the end before I begin writing.”

Is the end of Sita?

“Six months ago I had several more Sita books planned. Now I’m not sure if she’ll survive this one — Thirst V. So, if she dies, I guess that’s it. Not that I want to kill her but Sita has a mind of her own. Right now she’s doing everything she can to get herself killed. We’ll have to wait and see. “

Pre-order Thirst No 5: The Sacred Veil now and lock in the low price by clicking here.




8 Responses to “Thirst No 5 – The Sacred Veil (Cover + Pre-order)”

  1. Lady Journal Says:

    Reblogged this on Lady Journal and commented:
    This is Awesome news!

  2. Lady Journal Says:

    Super excited that re-posted this on my Blog! Thanks for the news!!

  3. Cant wait, roll on march!

  4. I can’t wait >.< In the meantime waiting for Thirst 5, I'm buying every single Christopher Pike book :3

  5. sita wants to kill herself? omfg if she does, ima freak….if she was able to take down the telar, her daughter, or Matt, she’ll still survive

  6. please please please don’t be the last of sita!!!!

  7. I finished reading Thirst 5. Hoping, hoping and praying that there will be a book 6. Absolutely love this series. Please keep it going.

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