Pike Answers Questions + New Ka Cover!

The Secret Of Ka has received a new cover in celebration of it’s upcoming paperback release. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Make sure you do to guarantee you get it for the low price of 8.99!

Also, check out our Q n A section for some new responses from Pike! Visit the Q N A by clicking here!


One Response to “Pike Answers Questions + New Ka Cover!”

  1. Hi “christopher”, I just wanted to tell you that I just finished reading Thirst 1,2 n 3. I read them in 2 weeks. I loved them, love all your quotes and the way you write its really inspiring. I felt a connection with Sita, I love vampire stories n I felt that if I was one I would be just like her. Im starting to read “Remeber me” and “Whisper of death”, yes, I read one at work and the other one at my house, and let me tell you that so far I have love what im reading so Im gonna keep on, n read all of your books. im anxiously waiting for Thirts 4 to come out, when would that be?? I just can’t wait for it!

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