Get ready to plunge into the world of The Last Vampire in Thirst No 4.

You can now pre-order your copy which will be released this August!


Who do you guys think the guy on the cover with Sita is?


16 Responses to “THIRST NO 4 – NOW READY FOR PRE-ORDER!”

  1. I LOVE This series so much!! But I’m confused about how Sita is a Vampire when she was a human at the end of book 2. But, I’m starting to understand it reading No. 3. Who is that guy???? He’s cute:) I’m Addicted to this series!!

  2. meagenn137 Says:

    Its either Seymour or Matt . But probably not , Christopher Pike enjoys throwing curve balls at us . XD

  3. I can’t wait to get this book, I have been a fan since the first book came out. The way he makes it seem almost like a journal and not a typical romance with many twists and turns involving sci-fi is great. But I just got the third book only three days ago and already ravished it and find the ending something else! He always makes it seem that Sita is dead or gone but I can’t wait to see what he does in this one :).

    The man on the cover does look quite handsome, maybe Matt or Seymour, or someone new.

  4. tashacutey Says:

    I am such a big fan of christopher mom like borrow me one of christopher pike’s book which is witch and i became addicted to his books since then.i got soo many of his books i need 2 shelves to fit it,by the way ithink that hunky hot cute guy id seymour or matt.

  5. I don’t know but for some reason Sita and the guy alike, like I think they might be the same person. I’m not sure but I think Sita looks like a guy (her features are really masculine especially her nose). I wonder if this is intentional, and maybe a big plot twist. Or they just got a new model…lol.

  6. oh my gosh, christopher pike is an amazing writer! but im not a fan of the end of the 3rd book, i almost crieddd! i dont like the new cover much but i love these books oh so much so duh ima read it!

  7. omg i can’t wait for thirst no.4 i just finnished thirst no.3
    p.s i think the cute guy on the front is ether matt or a new guy

  8. Do you guys have any idea what the guy’s real name is?

  9. I have a feeling it’s Matt 🙂

  10. i love it… i cant wait to read that book!!..

  11. yah yah maybe its matt..base in the 3rd book..yah..maybe,..

  12. Isn’t the girl supposed to be Teri? I think its Matt but I like Seymour. P:

  13. PLEASE BE SEYMOUR. I hate Matt.

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