(Personally, I’m halfway through and can safely say this is the best Pike book since Falling. The action is non-stop, the story is complex and twisting – and of course – Sita is back and better than ever. Let me know what you think in the comments section!)


7 Responses to “THE ETERNAL DAWN – OUT NOW!”

  1. christopherpikefacebook Says:

    I haven’t been able to put this one down and am already halfway through it and love it.

  2. This was a good book. I was hesitant at first for the series to return, I so loved the original that I didn’t know what to expect. However, it is nice to have Sita back and in action. She is still as awesome as ever.

    Spoilers ahead.

    Although I’m not sure I like how the Seymour situation was explained, it was nice to see them interact. There seems to be a different quality to it, it’s a little harsher, more honest.

    I also think this is the first time I realize how selfish Sita is. Even though I suppose the story required it given what happens after, it made me sad that she did not let Teri pass as she had requested.

    I found it strange to hear Sita admit that she wanted Yaksha’s child. It always seemed like such a love-hate relationship to me, especially with the resentment that he had taken her away from her previous life. But maybe that was just the Seymour take.

    I look forward to the next volume and cannot wait until it arrives.

  3. joeyface13 Says:

    im afraid to say i must be the only one who was disapointed in the eternal dawn, i LOVED the last vampire series and although i was sad it ended thought it ended beautifully. The characters in T.E.D just dont match the previous books. Seymour was one of my favorite characters and i hate to see him changed so much. Also the previous books made Alisha so endearing as she was the most powerful being on Earth,in T.E.D she seems a bit lacklustre. The emergance of Yakshas son is also a bit ‘convinient’ and not in keeping with Pikes usual flawless plots. All in all i didnt feal like it was a last vampire book i was reading 😦

  4. i don’t get this book i thought she killed yaksha so how can she be a vampire now if he’s dead.

  5. I read the 3rd book and I NEED!!!!!!!!!! book 4 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is really good i mean really good.

  6. This book was excellent, I read it the day I bought it in about six hours. Seriously, get this book and read it.
    For those who loved the original six books, this one is clearly a step in a new direction. It has to be. According to the story, Seymour wrote the first six. This one wasn’t some abstract psychic communication, it was the real deal. Pike had to rip away some of the reality of the last books to make this one happen, as evinced by Sita dying happy as a mortal five thousand years ago. It always seemed like a campy ending to the series to me, so it satisfied me to think of that ending as a way for Seymour to come to terms with his mortality and die with a character he always loved.
    As for the otherworldly races and the twist at the end…I’m on the fence. But I get the feeling that Pike will tug me over to his end before the conclusion of the next book. But the important change was the humanity of all the characters. Sita isn’t a dark angel standing toe to toe with ancient nightmares, she’s a little bit selfish and is seeking only fleeting contentment. With a life like her’s, what other kind is there? Seymour isn’t some magical sage that always knows just what to do with little to no explanation. He’s a chain-smoking, trash-talking, cynic with an overinflated bank account he couldn’t care less about. Yaksha isn’t some crazed demi-god on a vampire fatwa. He was just a man with a past he was trying to live down, all he wanted was a real life and an escape from the demon that sired/was him. John wasn’t just a benevolent rugrat, and Paula didn’t act like a nun. All of these characters, while changing in ways that some of those who follow the series won’t care for, are infinitely more three-dimensional. They all have their own motives, and they are their own people. Two words to sell TLV on this book: Dramatic Honesty.

  7. meagenn137 Says:

    @Applesooo , it explained that ‘Seymour’ had written Thirst No.1 and No. 2 but that he had gotten some things wrong , such as the ending . Personally , I didn’t like it . I mean , I liked the book , just not the whole Seymour writing the other ones . But I must admit , it was a very creative idea . I didn’t like this book as much as I liked No. 2 . Wait , let me put it this way . I liked them differently . In No. 2 there seemed to be a more religious aspect to the story , but in No. 3 , Krishna was only mentioned when Sita was blocking the Array . Also , I agrue with anglessum in saying that Sita seemed incredibly selfsih when she didn’t accept Teri’s requeast to die human . But then again , Teri’s not really there is she ? Sita’s in Teri’s body . I do hope that Christopher Pike explains that in No. 4 .

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