The Secret Of Ka Review (No Spoilers)

The Secret Of Ka is a wonderful read and explores themes and twists Pike readers will find familiar and excitng. It’s a well-written, young adult fantasy novel that reads similarly in structure and style to Alosha – in fact, one often wonders if Ali and Sara may, in fact, live in the same universe.

The trouble with Ka is that it sets things up excellently, much like Alosha did – and leaves you wanting more, like Alosha. That’s trouble because we all know the Alosha series doesn’t have an ending and while The Secret Of Ka comes much closer to a conclusion than that trilogy, it’s still incomplete.

What works in The Secret Of Ka, and nearly everything does, are it’s main protagonist Sara, the unusual setting and culture of the tale and the story that increases in depth and complexity, satisfyingly so, as the book goes on. You’ll find yourself turning pages quicker and quicker.

What works less well would be some of the dialogue, which is odd because Pike writes fantastic dialogue but unfortunately, some of it comes off as awkward. Also, Saras devotion to Amesh never really feels natural, and that’s besides the obvious cultural difference that one must consider.

But those shortcomings aren’t glaring or even that significant and The Secret Of Ka is a great book – with some fantastic story elements and twists that will leave you itching for a sequel.

It really is fascinating how Christopher Pike manages to work his magic, and include so many of the themes and choices that make his works unique, in every genre he tackles. It makes every word, one to cherish – and every book, one to proudly add to your collection.

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One Response to “The Secret Of Ka Review (No Spoilers)”

  1. canisfelicis Says:

    The ‘trouble’ with Ka is that Mr. Pike evidently did *no research whatsoever* about Turkey or the Turkish people. It’s nasty. The flaws start on the very first page (Istanbul is NOT the capital of Turkey! Also it’s darn-near in the middle of the ocean, and there is no desert to be seen!) and only get worse from there.

    Take a look.

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