Remember Me – ON SALE TODAY!

Remember Me is available in bookstores nationwide.

Have you ordered your copy yet? It’s available now for the low price of 9.99$


When Shari Cooper awoke at home after being at her girlfriend’s birthday party, her family acted like she wasn’t there. They didn’t hear a thing she said. They wouldn’t even look at her. Then the call came from the hospital. Her father and brother paled. Her mother started to cry. Shari didn’t know what was wrong. Not until she followed them to the hospital. There she found herself lying on a cold slab in the morgue. The police said that it was suicide.

Shari knew she had been murdered. Making a vow to herself to find her killer, Shari embarks on the strangest of all criminal investigations: one in which she spies on her friends, and even enters their dreams — where she comes face-to-face with a nightmare from beyond the grave. The Shadow — a thing more horrible than death itself — is the key to Shari’s death, and the only thing that can stop her murderer from murdering again.


One Response to “Remember Me – ON SALE TODAY!”

  1. Hello.
    My name is Emily Lynn.
    And this book touched me… alot.
    More than you can think. More than all the love Peter created to walk again.
    Have you ever mentally written a suicide note?
    I’m posetive Christopher Pike -May I call you Chris?- will ever read this, but I just wanted to say I love you.
    Like a brother, sort of.
    I felt like Shari Ann Copper is me. I just read that book for the second time to understand it better, and it helped.
    That was the first book that took me less than a week to read. Two days. And it inspired me to read more. Every book since then, I have read in less than twenty four hours.
    Except when I just read it again. I failed to read it in one day.
    I’ll bet you hear this alot: “I’m your biggest fan!” and then the little red-head will giggle and hand you Remember Me and you sign it.
    I am not a fan, but something better. I failed to trick my muse so I don’t know what to call it.
    I write alot, because your book enlightened me. And I think I am getting better and better daily.
    Recently, I read Thirst No. 1 and I like it. I am going to read the rest of your books.
    I promise.
    I really do hope Chris reads this, and I wish he would and will reply as soon as possible.
    My email:
    And do not think of me as the squealing red-head Katty.
    But something different.
    If your book is true about when people die and they don’t really DIE, I hope to meet Rishi and become a Wanderer and remember myself. Like Jean.
    Reading what you write has the most amazing experience.
    Wow, I’m rambling, enlightment does that to you.
    Anyway, Chris, if you read this, please respond and E-Mail me.

    I hesitate typing this.

    (P.S. Don’t be freaked out, but I think you are my muse, and I failed to trick you into my closet. Have nice days, wonderful dreams, and lots of love.)

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