Sita Returns

Rumors are brewing about Thirst No 3 being released this October and a listing on Pike’s publisher website all but confirms that Sita will be returning in a new book as of October 5th 2010.
This new story is entitled Thirst No 3: The Eternal Dawn
At 496 pages this brand new story will be the longest single volume in The Last Vampire series and be the first new Sita story since 1996 (The Last Vampire: Creatures Of Forever was released on October 1st, 1996) making it a lucky 13 years between stories.

Also worth noting: Thirst No 1 and No 2 continue to feature on the New York Times Bestsellers list where No 1 has been for 28 weeks (currently sitting at no#5) and No 2 has been for 6 weeks (currently no#4).


One Response to “Sita Returns”

  1. She is absolutely amazing!!! If I could be anyone at all, I would be Sita. Was a bit wary at first when Pike did this as it made me feel all protective of the 6 others but then I thought, “hey, you’re being crazy, she’s his character and he knows who she is.” I then chilled and enjoyed it…looking forward to this too 🙂

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